Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sooo Quiet, I Love It

Tomorrow is Labor Day and I intend to do nothing but SEW!!!! New York Bartolottis left about 10 minutes ago, my son Larry also left for Virginia and my DH went with him. He is giving his Father a white pick up truck as he bought a 2003 Beautiful Black Cadillac. DH will drive it home Monday morning, hopefully before traffic gets crazy. Opening day of school was scheduled for Tuesday but has been postponed till Wednesday. The funeral for the slain state trooper will be tuesday and they anticipate horrendous traffic. I Love all the Company and miss them when they leave, but its so much work cooking, refereeing and the noise level is difficult to listen to at times. Amazing isn't it how the weather knows school is starting and cools down. Happy Fall to All. Hugs Kaye


  1. have a lovely day!! and show was your sewing!

  2. I bet the kids will no sooner get back to school and a heat wave will hit. (At least nowadays, most of the schools seem to have A/C around here.) I hear ya with how nice the peace and quiet is once the crew all heads back home!!! LOL