Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Look back 2 posts to read about my dtr's dog Snoopy and his broken leg (right front). 12 days ago he had cast off and was back to normal. I don't have new pictures but he broke or should I say has a hairline fracture of the right rear paw. They have a picture window with a low seat and Snoopy loves it there. He sits there to watch the squirrels, rabbits and birds. Getting down he hurt the leg. This time he cannot adapt and get around, its really sad, another cast, and poor Kathy had to shell out another $450.00. Must have very brittle bones

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beautiful old Hankies

A while back I think either Sandy or Linda were blogging about old hankies. It reminded me of mine but I didn't remember where they were. Looking for something else I found them. The 4 colorful edges, hand croched ones were done by my great Grandmother, Granny Morris. She used to sit with an old small crochet hook and crochet the edges all the time. As a little girl I was fascinated watching her, but I never did learn how to do it. Remember they are over 50 years old. As a teenager I was a Hairdresser and we wore uniform dresses, never pants. I always had a pretty hankie in my lapel pocket and customers would give me them as gifts, bring me one from vacation and I started a collection. I had special colorful ones for Christmas, Easter, Fall, Spring. I felt they dressed up the drab white uniform. I have 3 sisters so I will give each of them 1 of Grannies and the others give one to my dtrs, dils, my GD Katie and for each of my nieces. Hopefully they will treasure them as much as I do

Friday, April 9, 2010

Snoopy, His Accident

Snoopy is a cute little Beagle/Jack Russell mix that my dtr and her family bought in January. He now weighs about 10-12 lbs and is so lovable and adorable. They all live in NJ and when they come to visit Snoopy and our 70 lb black lab, Emily, get along just great. About 4 weeks ago my sil and grandson Erik were taking Snoopy to the park to run. Frank (sil) picked him up to carry him across the road and Snoopy wiggled and jumped out of Franks arms and got hit by a car. It was terrible and so traumatic for Erik to see. They rushed him to the vets, took x rays and determined his only injury was his right paw that was broken. They took care of it and put on a splint. He was in pain for about 1- 1 1/2 days, then he adjusted really well, Went back to vet in a week, he sent them to a specialist who said he needs surgery as the break is in a joint ( like our elbow). Cost $2,500 for starters. My dtr was shocked and explained they really cant afford that, what happens if no surgery? He said he would have a limp and get arthiritis as he gets older. It has already cost close to 800. So, they take him every week to vet to have splint changed and checked. You should see him in action! Runs, jumps up on window shelf and is just comical. Hopefully he will be fine.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cream and Green Swap

I didn't get it finished for St Patty's Day, but I'll have it for next year! This was the swap from Pat Casadei. Twelve of us picked a block and cut the pieces for each block and then they went into a zip loc bag. When we got them they were all cut and ready to sew. It was fun and I enjoyed all the different color combos. I am not sure what color to sash it with. Maybe a darker green will pull it all together, a cream or even a black. Any other ideas?

Friday, April 2, 2010

DOWNEY Touch of Comfort, Quilts for Kids

I just finished the top of this Quilt, will sandwich and quilt it and off it will go to be given to a sick child. This is just a wonderful thing Downey is doing. Their slogan is Behind every quiult there is a story. I am Blessed with 10 healthy grandchildren and wanted to help someone not as fortunate. Downey sends all the material, cut and ready to sew. You just add the batting, they even give the backing. I feel honored to have been a small part of it. Kids