Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Prayers for Barbara

Please say some prayers for our blogging friend Barbara of Bejeweled Quilts. We got word tonite that there was an earthquake and tsunami in Pago Pago, American Samoa where Barbara lives. We are praying for her safety. At this point in time there is no word of how bad it is but I am sure she is frightened beyond words, Her Hubby is away for his job and she doesn't like being alone, now this. I am hopeful electricity will be on and she can blog us. In the meantime please PRAY


  1. I saw that and thought of her. She was really nervous about being alone so I pray she is ok!

  2. Oh, my goodness. I hope I have good news by tomorrow afternoon. I won't be able to stop thinking of her. Please, Barb, be safe.

  3. I have heard that she is okay, but I would prefer to see her BLOG that she is okay. It will just make me feel better.

  4. Yes...we have heard through Tonya that she is okay....and...I think her hubby got home a few days back, and I hope I'm right because it would be much more scary for her if she was alone, I'm sure.

  5. Yes my sister and myself have been praying for this great place. thanks for joining my blog and helping me to get more followers

  6. Interesting how we all are connected isn't it? We grow to care for those we've never met.

    You my dear, must have sent a package during the "give away" period....because....you won a gift package worth 200.00 from I Have A Notion. I'm going to post about it later today....I just wanted you to know....we are all very blessed to have one another :)

    Thank you for sharing your concerns about my friend and your friend....and for caring for strangers by sending care packages.