Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Transformation

My daughter Patricia is a hairdresser for the past 20 something years. She said this haircut gave her the most pleasure. Its my Grandson Brandons friend. His hair hasn't been cut in over 2 years and this past week they had school spring break. He told us he wanted to get a haircut like Brandon's. After getting permission from his Grandma Patricia went to work. He's a real cute young man but we haven't seen much of his face lately! She went to work on his hair and what a job she did! The pictures tell it all--he was transformed back to the handsome young man that he is and best of all He Loves it. Tell me what you think------

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter in Greece

My dtr Kathy has a sister-in-law that lives in Nickinos Greece. She wrote to us about how they celebrate Easter and the Lights. The entire house is lit from Midnite and lights and candles on all night. I find it so interesting to learn how other countries celebrate the holidays we celebrate and thought you might enjoy it also. This is part of the e-mail Liz sent w/pictures----- here are some pictures of the church we went to tonight (Greek Easter) - We weren't actually there for the mass - only about 25 or so people can fit inside. This is Dimitris' Mom's parish, if you will. Everyone lit their candle from a flame that was brought to Greece yesterday (Saturday) about 7pm from Jerusalem - Holy Sepulchre church, where it's believed Christ died - - it makes it's way across the entire country in time for the Saturday night mass - - We have a little lantern and bring the flame home --The priest comes out at midnight yelling "Christos Anestees - Christ is Risen" and they start ringing the church bells (one of the four churches in town).

It was ironic because we were driving in the fire truck, with a fire -It was really too packed to get a good picture of the front --

Saturday, April 18, 2009


How would you like to join a quilt festival right from your home? Well Amy from Party Girl is sponsoring one. Go to her site and read all about it and all the great sponsors and give-a-ways. My quilt is the very first one I did. It was taught by the first teacher I had for quilting. It is an Eleanor Burns and my colors were trying to be the same as hers??? Each block was a new lesson on how to do the different methods, paper piecing, applique, etc. I know its a Little Wild, that's okay, I hang it proudly

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Beautiful Prints

Barbara from, on her page has a link to where she sells material. I ordered some about a week or so ago and got the package today. Oh my they are awesome. The prints are absolutely beautiful, in fact I think I am going to order more. They are going to make me start sewing clothes again so I can show the material off. Just go there and look, you won't be sorry. My friend Gene Black just recently received a package and was indeed happy. He posted pictures today.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Katie with Her Cousins Nathan and Raymond

Many of you know I am the proud Grandma of 10, 9 boys and my Tomgirl Katie who with her brother Brandon and their Mom live with us. We are fortunate to relive Little League all over again. Right now it practices which at times is hectic, thank God for my DH who is most times the driver. Katie is 8 and plays softball. She has two wonderful coaches, a former semi pro woman and a state trooper. Both are so good with the kids. Well last week on Tues. their Mom was working so Poppa took them to practice. Before he got home with them I got a call from Katies coach. It seems the last play of the practice Katie bent to get a grounder and it hit a rut in the grass, bounced up and hit her in the eye. Well coach went running out to her and she was not even crying, Coach said are you okay? Sure coach, my Uncle told me "Theres no crying in baseball, if you get hit suck it up" Remember Tom Hanks saying that in League of their own? She did fine, just a little black around eye that is hardly noticeable. I have a feeling we are in for a lot of fun times! In the picture of Larry and I with our Grandkids she is the petite Blondie Girl(See previous Post)

Monday, April 13, 2009


Oh my Goodness what a weekend we had. I thought when we went to Ny we would go to Dtr in laws Dance Studio. She had been talking for weeks how the American Idol tour group was starting at Eisenhower Hall at West Point For 3 weeks they had auditions and would perform with past Idol contestants as judges. They were using the Dance Studio and Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance was the MC. He was as a courtesy going to watch my Grandson tap along with the Senior Tap Team and then cretique them. Madeling could have a couple of people in to watch but it had to be hush, hush. On the ride up I was thing about asking him to take a picture with me and I would post it on my blog. I am so damn gullible I beleived it all! WRONG-- I got there, heard the music and the sound of tapping, I was so excited, WRONG-- walked it and it was a Surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary party, put together and arranged by our 5 children. Nothing and I mean nothing could have been more of a surprise, I was shocked and for once in my life speechless. There were over 75 people there. My sisters and their families, friends from High School, friends we made during our life together and the last 6 of Larrys cousins and his Uncle who is in his 90's, the last of the Bartolotti's in his Fathers generation. I cried so much, it was such an emotional day. What a feat, especially having all 5 of my kids together. 7 of my 10 Grandkids were there, other 3 are in college and couldn't get off. Oh my , I could write for hours. Today we went for EasterBrunch with my family and 2 sisters with their families. We left NY around noon and got home here to Delaware around 4:30. I am still reliving it and pinching myself. I don't have a picture with my camers with my 5, but will get it from someone. There were so many cameras I felt like a movie Star. The picture here is Larry and I with our 7 Grandkids. Larry's name will be around for a long time as 9 out of the 10 are boys. The 1st picture is my sister Pat, my cousin Diana, me and my sister Roni

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Holiday to All

Today is Thursday and we are leaving for Jersey to pickup GS Erik to take to NY with us. His Mom will come up late Sat., Dad works in a restaurant as a cook and no holiday for him. My son from VA and GS Anthony will also be there. I am excited as 7 of my 10 Grandchildren will be there and 4 of my 5. Will take pictures. Did any of you ever use the material that looks and feels like leather but is made to be used as a chalkboard? The picture shows a Bulletin Board with all tools for my son Larry (from VA) For the kids I used it to make a portable folding desk. They get a lot of use out of it

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Want 30 F Q's?

Pig Tales and Quilts,,is having a most generous give-a-way. She will give 30 fq's to celebrate her Daughters 30th BD. Head on over, read it carefully and please be sure to tell her Kaye sent you.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Three in a row! Wow another give-a-way. Its a box and it will be packed with a lot of fun things and its open for the entire month of April. Tell Chris that Kaye sent you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another great give-a-way

Darci from is giving away some beautiful fq's. Head on over there and enter, its till the 4th of April. Good Luck

Green Fairy Give-a-Way

The Green Fairy is having a great one, with a Moda Jelly Roll and an adorable pattern. Sign up before Monday to be entered and Good Luck to all