Monday, May 25, 2009

Remember our Troops

Today is Memorial Day, there are Bar-B-Q'S, get togethers, parades,and celebrating the start of the summer season. As we all do our thing please take time to remember the reason for the day and say a prayer for all ServiceMen and Women,

Hooray! I finished it

I kept putting it off because I was so nervous about doing it. I saw one finished, but didn't see one in progress. This Memory Quilt is for my Grandson Anthony's Graduation in June. You can't see the back but it is material of Virginia Tech where he is going to college. I found the material online and to me it was perfect. Lets hope he will be as excited about it as I am. Sharon Jobin one of the Ladies in our Guild did the longarm quilting, she does beautiful work. I was Lucky, I called her when I did as she leaves June 1st on a 3 month cross country trip that will go to Alaska. She is very interested in our Blogs and when she comes back I will show her how to get started

Monday, May 18, 2009

Number 2

The second package was from the Sock Swap. Faye sent me 2 awesome pair of socks. One is bright yellow w/dots, the other is striped. I told her I have a problem with socks making my legs swell and she tried to get ones where elastic was not tight. Hooray, she got golf socks and they fit just fine. She also sent four pieces of colorful fabric. I will find something special to make with it. Thanks Faye you are a great partner and a fun Wooly Buddy

Mail Lady leaves me TWO

Boy was I surprised, I got 2 swap packages together. First was from the Wooly Buddies Easter Pin Swap. My partner sent one and it never arrived so she resent this one. Two lovely pins that she made, great work. She also sent 3 pieces of pastel wool for me to work with. Thanks so much Dorothy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Material give-a-way

Barbara over at is having a Vacation give-a-way. Head on over to sign up and while there look at the beautiful material she has in her store Link is on the right side

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Katies Big Day, Part 2

I dug out the picture of Katie's Mom wearing the dress. She is pictured with my nephew Frank who made it the same day. Then I got the picture of my Hubby the day he made his and last my First Communion and I am pictured with my Grandma Burton and my Great Grandma Morris.

Katies Big Day

Yesterday our Katie made her First Holy Communion. She really looked like an angel in spite of being such a "Tomboy" I have a picture of her bringing the "Basket of Wheat" I wanted to show a full view of the dress as I saved that dress, it was worn by Katie's Mom Patricia, and by Patricia's sister Kathy. It is about 32 years old. I also redid the original veil. It was a small class, 5 girls and 4 boys. The other girls wore long dresses but Katie wanted her Moms dress and no other dress was going to do. It was so touching, and then Katie's brother Brandon was the Altar Boy so it was a family day. Hope you enjoyed Katie's big day and our trip down memory lane