Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eggstra Special Give-A-Way

Congratulations to Barbara of Pineland Patches in South Jersey. Random.org has picked your number. AS soon as I get your snail mail address your package will be on its way. Thanks to all of you that entered, I enjoyed doing it and hopefully will do it again soon. Happy Holiday to All!!!

KATIES first sewing piece

My Grandaughter Katie was going thru my scraps and asked if she could make something and I said, sure you can. She decided on a House and picked out some pieces. I then showed her how to thread a needle, how to knot it and how to do a basic stitch. The picture is her finished product, note the crooked chimney, and her letter to me after.It says "Quiltings fun Nana,tech me more. I learned so much about quilting because of you!! Thank You Nana!! Love, your Grandoter Katie at the end she wrote to:Nana. I framed it and it hangs proudly on the wall where I sew. (I wrote as she did, mistakes and all) Don't you just Love It?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter Give-a-Way

Come on, sign up, its not too late!! Tuesday is the last day to comment, then we pick the Winner!! Thank You all that have entered, I so enjoyed doing my first give-a-way with Lani, and you can be sure it won't be my last. Think SPRING! and Happy Quilting

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sisterhood Award

Fellow Blogger and Friend Gene Black, an Alambana Artisrt has honored me with the Sisterhood/Brotherhood Award. I now have the pleasure 0f passing it on. Here are the rules: 1. Put the Logo on your blog or post 2.Nominate up to 10 people that show great ATTITUDE or GRATUTIDE 3.Be sure to link to your nominees with your post 4.Let them know you have given them this award by commenting on their blog and share the Love and Link to the person from whom you received the award. I nominate LANI@ The never ending adventure-http://golango@blogspot.com/ and Kathy @ Creative Urges- http://sew-right.Blogspot.com . Somehow I lost my followers list, if I can get it back I have a couple more names I would like to nominate.

Monday, March 23, 2009

T-Shirt Memory Quilt

Have any of you made a memory quilt with the t-shirts? Time to get started on one as my Grandson is graduating in June and I want to surprise him with it. If you have done one any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. I have 2 different ones I can do. To size the shirts one uses fusible interfacing, the other uses the heat and bond. Tuesday our neighborhood quilt group meets. We are working on a row by row and its amazing how different the blocks look done in the different colors. We meet just about every two weeks and I Love it. It was in that group I learned all about quilting and I don't know what I would do without them. There are 6 of us and its nice, as we meet in each others homes. Will post some pictures of the row by row as soon as I get mine back. A couple of us are working very hard on the wool felt projects. I enjoy that and try to do a bit each day. I haven't embroidered in about 25 years, but its coming back. Its like riding a bike!! You never forget!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy National Quilters Day

Well, we are special! We all know it but we are now recognized. Quilting seems to have been reborn in a BIG way and I am so happy. I am grateful for the creative outlet it gives to us, the Legacy we are able to leave for our children and grandchildren and for the friends we have become thru this blog. Now celebrate the Day--go buy more stash! LOL

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I am countimg all comments on 15th, 16th and thereafter! Top o The Morning to You All!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Eggstra Special Give-a-Way

Sorry, but there seems to be a problem with the comment section of my March 16th Blog. Just leave your comments on the 17th and Happy Saint Patricks Day to ALL.

Eggstra SpecialGive-a-Way

Here are my "Goodies" a set of dessert place mats with one for table ctr, a duck, a cookie cutter, an Easter egg, and remember the PEZ? maybe a couple of surprises!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Tomorrow is the 16th and the day to start leaving your comments for the give-a-way. It looks like Lani and I will be the only two, that's fine. Tuesday I will post a picture of my "Goodies". Have a great evening and hoping to hear from you tomorrow

Friday, March 13, 2009

Would You Believe????

Friday the 13th, and its snowing here in Delaware, not a huge storm but it is snow flurries. Some people think Fri the 13th is bad luck, not so here, DH was born on this day and he is definately NOT unlucky. We are both March babies, another thing we have in common

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

April Easter Give-A-Way

I have joined Lani for an Eggstra Special Give-A-Way! Spring's coming! Easter's coming! Want to be part of it? Want to win? a--Leave a comment on my March 16th post
b--Winner to be picked March 31st

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Has Spring Sprung???

What a difference a week makes, from winter to spring in 7 tough days!!Is this weather crazy or what? All the cahos the snow brought here in Delaware, 2 sunny days and poof its gone. Today is absolutely beautiful, warm, most;y sunny, temps in high 60's. Tomorrow forecast is maybe in the 70's. Believe me I'm not complaining, I'm loving it. DH and I took our Grandaughter to Church today to make her First Confession in preparation for her First Holy Communion. The class is only 9 children, I haven't seen one that small. Last year 2 Grandsons made it, classes were almost 100 and the other about 80. Big difference. She will wear her Mother's First Communion Dress and veil that I have saved for over 30 years. Lace on dress is a tad yellow, but she doesn't care that is what she wants to wear. I will take pictures when the big day comes. My dtr couldn't go today as she is reccouperating from arthoscopic surgery on her knee that was done yesterday, Dr had to remove torn cartilege , she will be fine just needs to rest it

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow,Snow and more Snow

Woke up this morning and I thought I was back in NY. Outside was a Winter Wonderland. Now for all you blogger pals in the western part of our country, you are used to it. I know that doesn't make it any easier but when snow is almost a daily or weekly occurence the towns and municipalities are prepared. They have equipment, stockpile sand, rock salt etc and are ready to go. In Delaware that is not the case. Snow like this comes every 10-15 years. All schools, a lot of non essential business's were closed. Likewise the state and town offices were also shut. We even got a call at about 6:30 this evening that school is closed again tomorrow. When we were kids remember how excited we got when we had a sn ow day? Didn't worry that we would have to make them up in June. We have a new Dog Emily who is a lab & border collie mix. She loves the snow, was eating off my dtrs boots when they came in. We have to be careful with her though as she loves to run. She has gotten out 3 times already and broke a rope and got away and ran, ran,ran. She discovered the lakes we have (Actually they are man made ponds) and she jumped in, not once but twice in the 6 weeks we have her. She is a good dog though, well trained and real healthy. We got her from the SPCA and are very happy with the choice.