Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Quilting Group

This is a picture of the Ladies of Lakeside, my Quilting Group at our Christmas Luncheon. l to r Linda, Me, Joann,Ann, Pat & Sherry. Pat and Sherry are our Wonderful Teachers. We try to meet every two weeks in each other homes. Right now we are starting a Friendship /Row by Row Quilt.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Laborof Love

This is a picture of the Quilts I made from my Moms old Quilt.

My Labor of Love

My sister in NY found three old quilts our Mom had made for her children. They were in really sad shape, threadbare in some places. Instead of tossing them out she asked me to see if I could do anything with them. I took the first one apart and had to throw out the batting, the backing was falling apart and some of the blocks were unusable. I did manage to save about 10 blocks. First I made a wall hanging from 4 that were all the same color blue and I backed it with some of the original backing and most important the embroided year, 1984 and her signature Mebe Arge. I then made a single wall hanging for his son and daughter and sent them to him in Texas. He was so thrilled he cried when he saw them, told me it was the nicest thing I could ever have done for him.

Still Learning

Please don't think I have forgotten you all but I am still learning how to navigate around this blog world. I am really good at reading, LOL, but trying to find out how to add pictures, move logos etc. Its fun but does get frustrating at times. Any advice is greatly appreciated

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hello to All Quilters, finally got started on my Blog. Please be patient as its all new to me. I so enjoy reading the Blogs and got help from my friend Pat. She certainally writes awesome and interesting blogs and will be a tough act to follow. She is an excellent teacher, She's my Quilt Teacher. Feel free to comment and give me any advice you think I may need. Happy Quilting, Kaye