Thursday, September 3, 2009


My DIL Madeline has had a dance school for the past 18 years. Besides dance they are involved in many community events and fund raisers. The studio is involved with the local radio station and the Disney Players. They bring dance to hospitals,nursing homes and also areas where the children seldom get to see a dance school in action. They are very community spirited. One of her students Eliza has a beautiful singing voice. She does a lot of acapella and has a special talent. The local congressman Maurice Hinchey recently hosted a tour of Washington's Headquarters on the Hudson River. This was in honor of the French Ambassador Pierre Vimont and Eliza was requested to sing. They also did an enactment of an old battle and the Ambassador was very impressed. I wasn't able to go up but my Grandsons Raymond and Nathan were there (they have been dancing since they were 2). They brought me the pictures and told me all about the day.


  1. This is very nice....and I read your subsequent post with the written info about each picture, too. One day when things calm down for me, I'll have to show you how to put the info in the same post by the photos, okay?

  2. Fun ..... created a little chatter box did it?