Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow,Snow and more Snow

Woke up this morning and I thought I was back in NY. Outside was a Winter Wonderland. Now for all you blogger pals in the western part of our country, you are used to it. I know that doesn't make it any easier but when snow is almost a daily or weekly occurence the towns and municipalities are prepared. They have equipment, stockpile sand, rock salt etc and are ready to go. In Delaware that is not the case. Snow like this comes every 10-15 years. All schools, a lot of non essential business's were closed. Likewise the state and town offices were also shut. We even got a call at about 6:30 this evening that school is closed again tomorrow. When we were kids remember how excited we got when we had a sn ow day? Didn't worry that we would have to make them up in June. We have a new Dog Emily who is a lab & border collie mix. She loves the snow, was eating off my dtrs boots when they came in. We have to be careful with her though as she loves to run. She has gotten out 3 times already and broke a rope and got away and ran, ran,ran. She discovered the lakes we have (Actually they are man made ponds) and she jumped in, not once but twice in the 6 weeks we have her. She is a good dog though, well trained and real healthy. We got her from the SPCA and are very happy with the choice.


  1. How did Emily do at her first dog training session?

  2. loved hearing about your thoughts on this snow!! I didn't go anywhere yesterday...

  3. Love that you saved that doggie...and they are water dogs gotta love watching her like children they are U