Saturday, March 7, 2009

Has Spring Sprung???

What a difference a week makes, from winter to spring in 7 tough days!!Is this weather crazy or what? All the cahos the snow brought here in Delaware, 2 sunny days and poof its gone. Today is absolutely beautiful, warm, most;y sunny, temps in high 60's. Tomorrow forecast is maybe in the 70's. Believe me I'm not complaining, I'm loving it. DH and I took our Grandaughter to Church today to make her First Confession in preparation for her First Holy Communion. The class is only 9 children, I haven't seen one that small. Last year 2 Grandsons made it, classes were almost 100 and the other about 80. Big difference. She will wear her Mother's First Communion Dress and veil that I have saved for over 30 years. Lace on dress is a tad yellow, but she doesn't care that is what she wants to wear. I will take pictures when the big day comes. My dtr couldn't go today as she is reccouperating from arthoscopic surgery on her knee that was done yesterday, Dr had to remove torn cartilege , she will be fine just needs to rest it

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  1. I hope this isn't just teasing us. It was 73 when I was in Rehoboth today but with it being hazy and breezy, it didn't feel quite that warm.