Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Transformation

My daughter Patricia is a hairdresser for the past 20 something years. She said this haircut gave her the most pleasure. Its my Grandson Brandons friend. His hair hasn't been cut in over 2 years and this past week they had school spring break. He told us he wanted to get a haircut like Brandon's. After getting permission from his Grandma Patricia went to work. He's a real cute young man but we haven't seen much of his face lately! She went to work on his hair and what a job she did! The pictures tell it all--he was transformed back to the handsome young man that he is and best of all He Loves it. Tell me what you think------


  1. In a "past life" (aka many years ago) I was a haircutter. I must say that I can fully understand the joy she got from cutting this young man's hair. I know that he will love the lack of maintenance on it. (hence why mine is so short!) And yes, he looks much better with a great cut. (and it is easier to tell he is not a girl!)

  2. I love the cut but what BEAUTIFUL hair he had....that last picture makes me wish that was MY hair!!!

  3. This will feel so good with hot weather coming!