Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Katie with Her Cousins Nathan and Raymond

Many of you know I am the proud Grandma of 10, 9 boys and my Tomgirl Katie who with her brother Brandon and their Mom live with us. We are fortunate to relive Little League all over again. Right now it practices which at times is hectic, thank God for my DH who is most times the driver. Katie is 8 and plays softball. She has two wonderful coaches, a former semi pro woman and a state trooper. Both are so good with the kids. Well last week on Tues. their Mom was working so Poppa took them to practice. Before he got home with them I got a call from Katies coach. It seems the last play of the practice Katie bent to get a grounder and it hit a rut in the grass, bounced up and hit her in the eye. Well coach went running out to her and she was not even crying, Coach said are you okay? Sure coach, my Uncle told me "Theres no crying in baseball, if you get hit suck it up" Remember Tom Hanks saying that in League of their own? She did fine, just a little black around eye that is hardly noticeable. I have a feeling we are in for a lot of fun times! In the picture of Larry and I with our Grandkids she is the petite Blondie Girl(See previous Post)


  1. What a gal! I was just watching A League of their Own on Saturday. I love that scene. We quote that line frequently in our household.
    You are truly blessed, Nana!

  2. Cute picture.....guess they clowned around and had a ball while dying eggs, huh?