Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter in Greece

My dtr Kathy has a sister-in-law that lives in Nickinos Greece. She wrote to us about how they celebrate Easter and the Lights. The entire house is lit from Midnite and lights and candles on all night. I find it so interesting to learn how other countries celebrate the holidays we celebrate and thought you might enjoy it also. This is part of the e-mail Liz sent w/pictures----- here are some pictures of the church we went to tonight (Greek Easter) - We weren't actually there for the mass - only about 25 or so people can fit inside. This is Dimitris' Mom's parish, if you will. Everyone lit their candle from a flame that was brought to Greece yesterday (Saturday) about 7pm from Jerusalem - Holy Sepulchre church, where it's believed Christ died - - it makes it's way across the entire country in time for the Saturday night mass - - We have a little lantern and bring the flame home --The priest comes out at midnight yelling "Christos Anestees - Christ is Risen" and they start ringing the church bells (one of the four churches in town).

It was ironic because we were driving in the fire truck, with a fire -It was really too packed to get a good picture of the front --


  1. What a way to ring in the Easter Celebration... Thanks for sharing that.