Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Do you Remember?

The first day of school, so exciting. Seeing old friends, making new friends and a New Teacher or Teachers. Brandon turned 14 in July and is a freshman in High School. He has a full schedule with 3 Honors classes. Hes a real good student and a very nice Young Man. His siaster Katie will be 10 in Dec and she is in 4th Grade. She also is an excellent student and is in the excel program. My Daughter spent a small fortune on school supplies. The back packs were FILLED and oh so heavy. Good thing most of it stays in school. They both have no homework for this week, then it starts.Do you remember your first day of the school year? I do and always looked forward to it. The first picture shows the filled back Pack, next are both of them leaving for the bus and finally the Happy
om, my dtr Patricia


  1. I did not like school with a passion and therefore, don't even like to think about it...but everyone looks happy in that picture..

  2. I remember and how sweet they are all ready for school. Thanks for sharing these precious pictures. Have a blessed day.