Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sure sign of Spring!!!!

Its not spring till Ritas W@ater Ice opens. Its actually Italian Ice in all yummy flavors. On op ening day they give free cups of ice. Its not a little skimpy cup but a 6-8 oz cup. They make Misto's and blendinis, Gelatis and regular soft serve. We were probably one of the few paying customers as my DH and, I had to have our favorites--Gelatis. He absolutely loves the Mango and I like to try all different flavoras. Yesterdeay I had Black Cherry. Its ice, soft serve, ice again and soft serve again. I have to limit myself to once a week or I could really have one every day. Good thing they close in the Winter. Another week or so its to the boardwalk for Thrashers fries, absolutely the best. Even the seagulls like them, you have to be careful as they sometimes swoop down and snip one away. Are we easily amused or what?????


  1. Oh Kaye, sounds delicious! I am easily amused too:) Hey, I have never hear of thrasher fries... Sounds good but could be dangerous if the seagull swoop in for them:)

    Have a blessed evening my friend!

  2. We didn't go there yesterday.....will wait for Nan & Pop's to open their Italian ice stand here. Thrasher's fries taste SO good but are not good FOR us at all! We only get them once or twice a season.

  3. I love Italian ice! mmm..the Gelati sounds good too.