Friday, March 26, 2010

My Easter Goodies

Since Easter is only 9 days away I thought I would show some of my decorations. The basket of bunnies and chicks were my Daughters and I just save them. Does anyone remember the battery operated Bunny on Skates? We had one, can't find it. The egg tree is made from real egg shells. I remember blowing the egg out of the shell and then pasting the material, lace and ribbons on. I am amazed they are still in one piece, as I made them in the 80's. The pussy willows they are hanging on are a bit skimpy this year. The egg plate with the chick on top has all of our names and is our centerpiece when the eggs are colored. That was one of the first pieces I painted in the 70's. The bunny w/fancy hat is shaker wood boxes from Michaels, painted with sponge brush. The top 2 are my favorites that I painted in 1978. Mr and Mrs and the purple candy dish. I treat the with loving care and wrap them all with bubble wrap for next year. Hope that you enjoyed seeing my handi work all done before I was bitten by the Quilting Bug!!


  1. Oh how sweet! Easter is quickly coming. I have enjoyed having all of my favorites out to see. I just love the old ones that we take care of and bring out every year:) They are the ones I look the most forward to seeing again and again! Have a blessed weekend dear Kaye! Happy quilting:)

  2. They are all so cute and colorful!

  3. Hi there! I enjoy your blog, and the variety you show. It's so interesting, but I do hope Brandon get better, my dear. It's not good what he has to go through.
    I remember those eggs LOL, but from when my husband and I did them in the 70's. LOL What a trip down memory lane you took me. You folks have a Happy Easter. Thank you for sharing.
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  4. How very bright and cheerful your decorations are. It must look quite festive at your house. I love Easter too.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Doris :-)

  5. How cute all of them are! Enjoy your holiday!