Thursday, March 18, 2010

Andrews AF Base trip/ Boy Scouts

Hopefully I can upload the pictures with my new card reader. Last Sat Mar 13th was my DH Birthday. This sure was a special one for him. He got to go on a Boy Scout Trip to the AF Base. They toured Air Force 2 wich is mostly used by VP Biden. His pilot is the Cub Scout leader for troop 105. MY GS, GD, dtr Patricia and DH left Delaware bright and early Sat am. My son Larry and GS Anthony who live in Reston VA met them at the entrance. Everyone had a great time. They saw a awesome slide show, toured the planes and then took pictures and interacted with the personnel

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  1. Your pictures posted nicely. I forgot Larry's b'day was Saturday...sorry...Happy Birthday to him belatedly. (Tina's b'day is the same day.)