Saturday, January 16, 2010

Warm as Warm Can Be!

I have a most generous dil and son. They sent our gifts down with my dtr Pattie when she went to NY to visit. OMG was I shocked when I opened the box! It was a pair of UGGS, the most warm and comfortable boots I have ever had on. Can't believe she went and bought these for me and they fit perfectly. They are made in Australia and should be worn without socks. You can have them on all day and when they come off your feet are not clammy and sweaty, just warm and toasty. Thank you both for such a generous and thoughtful gift


  1. How very nice!!! Now you are a stylish gal...for sure!!!

  2. Ugg boots sure are the best things to wear in winter... Love them...
    Cath Ü