Thursday, January 28, 2010

My 5th picture

I have only been blogging just a tad more than a year. In the beginning it was only words, no pictures. I had to have Pat show me how to do it and in the beginning I messed up a few but have gotten better. I am going to show my 5th picture. It was taken at Baywood Golf Course right down the road from us. Beautiful surroundings and yummy food. L to R Linda, Kaye, JoAnne, Anne, (she is no longer with us as she has some serious health problems) Pat. and Sherry. A great group of friends, we call ourselves "The Lakeside Ladies".


  1. I've always thought that was a nice photo. How neat that this was your 5th of our little group! (What a stunning group, if I do say so myself....LOL)

  2. Love the picture! Thanks for paying me a visit Kaye! The Lakeside Ladies, I love it! Have a blessed day!

  3. Thanks for sharing this picture of "the ladies" with us.
    I love the idea of a quilting group.