Sunday, January 31, 2010

Trunk Show

At our Quilt Guild this past Thurs. we had a very interesting speaker--Judy Gunter or maybe its Gunther. She is a very talented quilter and judges at shows and other places. Judy collects old Doll Quilts and her presentation was about the Presidents Ladies and some of their quilts. I don't think very many actually quilted them but did certainally collect them. She gave us a bit of history on them and their influence on their Husbands and the country when he served. I was particularly surprised at the wonderful condition the quilts were in. There was a small doll quilt made of cigar wraps or ties. They were similar to our selveges. The pictures I will post will be from the mid 1800's till the mid 1900's. I am sorry I did not write down all the info, but I did get some pictures


  1. I was at this show and it was very interesting.....lots of information and lots of nice quilts and fabrics to see.

  2. That certainly sounds very interesting....and love what you showed!!

  3. Oh I love quilts! Those are gorgeous:) My Mom was a great quilter:) Have a blessed day!

  4. beautiful quilts, I hope you share more from the day
    welcome to blogland