Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Need to Pick Some Brains

I really need some help. My Grandson Brandon is a very dedicated and enthusiatic Boy Scout. He has started working toward getting his Eagle Scout Badge which is the highest ranking badge he can attain. It takes a long time and a lot of hard work but I have no doubt that he will make it. Last year when our Lakeside Ladies went on our retreat to Lancaster PA I found this awesome fabric and need your help!!!! I don't have a pattern to make a Quilt for the Eagle milestone and would surely appreciate any help or suggestions you may have for me. Thank You


  1. First of all, you'll want to NOT cut some of that fabric too small or you will lose the print and not be able to tell what it is. So...I'd suggest something like a snowball quilt OR even a quilt made with the disappearing 4-patch (which is easy but can easily allow you to feature the bigger prints). A charm quilt would work, as well. Once you decide, we can cut it with my GO! cutter, too.

  2. I think Pat's idea of a snowball block will work well. Or anything that allows big enough chunks that you don't lose the print.

    (Pat is a smart cookie!)

  3. Sorry, sweetie... no help from me:) Have you searched the internet?

    Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  4. You should be so proud of your grandson, that is alot of work. I had one son almost....get his Eagle, we were disappointed when he just stopped. Oh well...they all have their own lives to chose and to this day he regrets it.

    No ideas...sorry.

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  6. Let's try this again. I messed up the link and deleted the post. Duh!

    Hi, Kaye- I have a few free patterns on my website for the Scout fabric. Here's the direct link to that page. I also have lots of other Scout fabric if you need coordinates. Give me a call if you want help with a pattern. I also have some free patterns at the end of the Girl Scout fabric and there are some pictures of customers' scout quilts in the photo gallery on my website for inspiration.

  7. I made a Boy Scout T-shirt Quilt for my son. And used Robert Kauffman Vintage Scout material for the backing. This way he could have his memories of his scouting experiencefrom start to finish.
    Here is the link to that post is on my blog:

  8. A six inch block in a four patch might work.
    Pat's suggestion is good too.
    Good luck with it!

  9. your link on just us quilters did not work. it showed up as a comment, with the link not working, just an FYI :)