Friday, July 9, 2010

Brandons Birthday

Brandon was 14 on Thurs, July 8th. He was so excited because being 14 allows him to get an ID and drive the Golf Cart without an adult. He knows that if he abuses the privelege or breaks the community rules, he loses it. He had two cakes, one his Mom got and my friend Phyllis made him a chocolate, his favorite. The 1st picture is the store cake, 2nd the home made, next his Mom Patricia and his sister Katie and then Aunt Kathy and his cousin Erik. He enjoyed it all.


  1. I'm glad he had a nice birthday. I'm sure he will be fine on the golf cart as he is a very responsible kid!

  2. I am with Brandon, I want some of the CHOCOLATE cake!

  3. Happy birthday to Brandon, mine was yesterday, the 9th. All my boys played lacrosse and my youngest still does! It is my favorite sport to watch! Great looking family. Steph