Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rain, Rain go Away

I thought you would like to see where we dock our Pontoon. In the first 3 pictures you can see the walking docks under water. You also can see right thru the pontoons. Picture 4 shows the water spilling out onto the parking lot. Picture 5 is our Bayside Beach, no sand to be seen, it looks like picnic tables in a pool. It has been raining everyday for over a week, pretty soon we will need water wings. Its not really a serious situation, just something to share. It is really nothing compared to the losses our friends in American Samoa have suffered and they have no where to go. I pray for them daily and hope they get the help they need soon. A lot of our wonderful Blogger friends have sent packages, but they need lots more. Please remember them in your prayers


  1. Wow, that is alot of rain.....are you expecting more?

    Thanks for your sweet comments about my friends here in Samoa....

  2. I never thought to send Gary over to do photos. Is it okay if I copy and keep yours of the beach at Bayside??

  3. wow....sure looks like a lot of water....glad the sun is shining today