Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lakeside Parade & Halloween Party for the KIDS

The weather co-operated and the rain held off till after all the festivities. It took place at "The Point" in our Bayside community. Its a lovely spot, right on the water and in the summer its where the weekly concerts are held. The Home Owners Assoc. puts it together for the kids. They have games, ex: hoola hoop on the pumpkin, pin the nose on the pumpkin etc. All children got a goody bag and after the games they had the parade. Soooo cute, even some of the animals got dressed up. The big surprise of the day---- our local Fire Company came with their New Fire Engines and gave all the kids ( adults too) a ride. It was really nice. The sun was out but it was really windy near the water, its such a beautiful place. Lots of benches to sit and relax on and just enjoy the Day. Its where most of the boats are docked and also where the beach is. We can use it at any time even though we live in Lakeside. Thats Katie dressed as Vampira and the last picture is DH Larry and our friend Joe (who with his wife Phyllis just moved down) posing and reminising about their days as Firefighters. Joe was a Captain and he and Larry have been friends for a long time. Joe hung up his golf shoes for a rest and they are having a ball fishing. Thats what retirement is all about, Right?


  1. GREAT photos. For some reason, I had no idea Joe had been a firefighter with Larry.

  2. I love the picture of Vampira! with her cape blowing in the wind.

  3. Glad you all had a good time....