Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chickens and Hens

There is an interesting story to the boot in the first picture of the last blog. 21 years ago my son and dtr in law moved into their first apt. The landlady was a tiny elderly Italian woman in her 90's and her name was Moe. She was so sweet and friendly. Going up to the apt were some concrete stairs and on the side was the boot! It had the chickens and hens and what amused me was the hole where the pinky toe would go. I remarked to Moe one day how cute it was and asked was it your husbands? She replies, yes you likea, you likea, take it. I said oh no I couldn't especially that it was your husbands. Thats the kind of Lady she was, don't admire anything in her house, she'll give it to you. She became very close to Skip and Madeline and took good care of them. Fed them often too, she was a Sweetheart. After several years Moe became ill and The Good Lord took her home. Her children broke up the apt. and rented it out. There went the boot! One day Skip came to visit with a big package for me. It wasn't a birthday or holiday even, and I asked whats this? He said just open it----I did and there was the boot!!!!!. He found it thrown in the back yard behind the garage and the rest is history.


  1. That is a sweet story...thanks

  2. Moe really meant for you to have it, didn't she?

  3. Yes Pat, I think she did. The year she died Madeline dedicated the recital in Moes name. Her family so appreciated her doing that.