Monday, July 13, 2009

My First Quilt & My Most Recent

My very first quilt was done in my Lakeside Ladies Class. It is an Eleanor Burns pattern and we did one block at a time. Each one was to teach us the different kinds of blocks and introduced us to applique. I had it quilted by Sharon Jobin from our Quilt Guild, who does beautiful work (click to enlarge picture). The next one I fin ished yesterday. My Friend Phyllis from NY is coming down tomorrow to look for a house where I live & tomorrow is her birthday. She and I have been friends for over 50 years and she is just a warm and wonderful person. I picked the I Love Lucy Panel for her several months ago. When I saw it I thought, that's for Phyllis. Not only does she Love Lucy but several years ago in Universal Studios in Fla she was picked to do a skit and it was the very same one. I wasn't there but her Hubby told us the audience went wild she was so good, as good as Lucy was in the original show. It was an easy one to do and I was able to quilt it myself. Its definately not my best work but it is my most recent


  1. I'm sure she will love it. Your first quilt looks good also.

  2. Beautiful first quilt, Kaye! And the Lucy panel really takes me back to days of early TV. Your friend will love it!