Saturday, February 7, 2009

my stash

Hi Everyone, what a good day I had. As most of you know WalMart no longer sells fabric in some stores and has greatly scaled back in others. Today I went to Wal Mart and the material was 50% off. Of course m ost of the bolts were gone but I was on line for the better part of an hour waiting to have it cut. They had 4 girls working, 2 cutting 2 making prices and restoring back on bolt if any left. It was utter cahos, but a bargain is a bargain. If you are near Wal Mart look, its worth a try


  1. Many of us have tried, unsuccessfully, to make Walmart realize that we make charity quilts that go to accident and fire scenes and we need lower-priced fabrics. Walmart no longer seems to care about regular people. If I have to go 40 miles to the nearest Joann's to get reasonably-priced fabric, I will shop at Target there and won't set foot in the local Walmart unless it's an emergency of some sort and I need a pharmacy item from them. (I told them this at their corporate offices, too.) I'm thinking their founder must be turning in his grave now...can't imagine what they need to put IN PLACE of their fabric department, can you?

  2. Hey, the same thing at my wal-mart today. I got 16 yards of fabric for less than $16.00....I hate their doing away with the fabric, but I loved the deal I got today.

  3. Hi Kaye...thanks for visiting my new blog. Oh this downturn in supply in the States has got me worried, because if it happens over there it isn't long before it happens here. We are also losing suppliers...not our cheapest ones yet....but some of the best. From what I saw at our last Quilt and Craft Show, we will be trying to make things out of "little packages of fabric" i.e. charm square, jelly rolls, layer cakes etc. The are easy to process at the supply end and we have to serve ourselves don't we! Oh I hate the thought!