Friday, February 27, 2009

MidAtlantic Quilt Show

Oh my Goodness, what a day! The show in Hampton Va, was WONDERFUL!!! A v ery long, tiring and costly day. LOL Our Quilt Guild sponsored the trip, 2 buses. We try to go as a group at least once a year. We left the local Loew's parking lot at 6:15 am for an almost 4 hour ride. Almost no one snoozed as we were all excited and gabbing. The show was really an adventure that started before I got in the door, a nice lady stopped me and asked are you Kaye Bartolotti and there was a fellow blogger ( sorry I forgot your name) We couldn't talk much as she was going to class but it was so nice to meet a blogging friend. Then we began the days adventure. Oh my, what a day!! First and most important The Displays were absolutely Georgous. Quilts of everything you can imagine doing, scenery, animals, people, stars and more stars, circular ones, watercolor quilts, small ones, huge ones any quilt you could think of was there. Such talent, all quilters should have the privelage of seeing work like I saw. It makes me want to learn more and more. I am mad at myself, I left my camera on the bus. The lobby had Quilt guilds selling raffle tickets for Quilts, hope I win one! The whole set up was done very well with lots of seats to sit and rest on, rest rooms a plenty ,and snacks and even a lunch buffet for $10. Then the shopping, oh My, Monday is my BD and I treated myself very well. Almost all quilting related booths but several others were jewelry that was made from clay, from old cutlery, from stones, pendants, pins, blacelets, earrings, there were bags, cell phone holders, purses made out of socks, hats, sweaters, knitting booths and I forgot to mention the exhibit of the Quilted clothing, Georgeous,jackets from sweatshirts and reg sewn quilted wearables. All prices too!! Some were hundreds of dollars. Sewing machile vendors, Berninas, Janome, Tin Lizzie etc. All you needed was a pocket full of money LOL. There were all sorts of rulers, batting, gizmos, and of course material and threads. Fat eights, fat quarters, yards and yards of beautiful materials. Several wool and wool felting booths and Linda I even saw kn itting yarn from alpacas. I saw yarn for 28.50 a skein down to 4 a skein. I could go on all day. Thank God I took a walker with a seat because my knees took a beating. As the day wore on I got worn out. I walked slower and slower and sat more, but I don't think I missed anything. Buses picked us up at 4 and took us to very quaint restaurant called Grey Goose. We enjoyed a very nice meal with dessert of course!


  1. Oh, what fun! I wish I could have been there! You rest now, there might be an opportunity to do more shopping soon!

  2. Gee.......I'm guessing you might have LIKED it???? :)