Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday

My Baby is 40 to-day, yes Kathy is 40. Her birth was extra exciting as she and my nephew Kevin were born on the same day. My sister Pat and I were room-mates in the hospital, and the newspaper came to take our pictures and write a story about us. It helped that our Mom worker at the hospital. My 5 children were all born in the 60's--- 60, 62, 63, 66 and 69. I can't even begin to believe that my oldest will be 50 next year..Life has been very Good to us, Sure we have our aches and pains, who doesn't, but we have been Blessed many times over. My Grandson Nicholas was born on Christmas Day and this year will be 18. How cool is that??


  1. Our boys were all born in the 60's too, and we thought we had our entire family. But then 15 years later we were blessed with a girl who will be 24 soon. Where do the decades go?! Happy birthday to your "baby"!

  2. Happy Birthday to Kathy. The young whippersnapper! (nowadays 40 makes me feel OLD)