Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Lancaster Trip

Its hard to know what to tell you as Pat and Kathy both are blogging about our Great Trip. If its repitious, I am sorry. I will tell you about the evenings. Oh my Goodness were we having fun, just like a group of teenagers, silly and giggly. We decided to each take a silly picture. Here are a few--Sherry & her Sister Prue, Linda & Sherry goofing off and then there is Prue teaching us to cut out snowflakes. They are soo nice and easy when you know how. Last is Pat Casadei with her wee one. We had 3 teachers in the group, Pat, Prue and Kathy. She was a college professor. We tease her sometimes and call her Doc, but she is a great gal and a beautiful quilter.


  1. Look at you in your jammies. You had such a wonderful time, it makes me smile to read all the posts, from all three of you. So keep it up.

  2. UGH.....stunning photo of me.......but I will have one of YOU on my blog before much longer!!! (Paybacks are such fun....hehehe)